5 Best Childhood Show theme songs

As a kid one of my favorite things to do was watch saturday morning cartoons. There was nothing like it. There was no bigger cliffhangers then the ones that you had to wait an entire week for. Would yu gi win the duel? What was in the egg that misty found?

These were questions that I needed answers to.  If there was anything else that I looked forward to besides getting answers was listening to the theme songs for each respective show. I have compiled a list of my favorites below. I have alo included cartoons that didn’t come on Saturday morning but were awesome.

Honarble mentions, Dragon Ball Z, Winnie the pooh bear animated series,


One of my favorite shows. The theme song was really weird Egyptian theme kind of thing that went over the top. it’s motto was “Go big or go home” and it never went home.





This song right here will make anyone who has ever heard it sing along. just the DUCKTALES woo ooohhh. So awesome, “D-d-d-danger” was always one of my favorite parts.


3. Inspector gadget

I loved this show as a kid, always thought gadget was a complete moron. I hated him and was glad penny and brain always came through to hold i down. It was totally awesome.


2. Pokemon

The most encouraging theme song of all time bruh. First words “I want to be the very best, like no one ever was”. That’s the kind of stuff that belongs on top of a scenic picture and placed in like a consular’s office to encourage kids.



  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This song sums up the late 80s early 90s perfectly. Turtles skilled in ninjitsu; who happen to be mutants. Save the world from THE Shredder and Krang, And things from dimension X,



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