My Tools

Sometimes I get asked about what I use to make my beats. I know there are some musicians who are 100 % software based. Fully equipped with virtual instruments, digital audio work stations and every thing they do is on the computer. There are other who are the opposite and are Hardware Based. Everything they use is a physical instrument you can touch. I tend to refer to hardware based as someone who doesn’t need a computer to create audio. Whether its a drum machine that can save samples in them, or if it’s a Auddio workstation that can record from a microphone and sequence as well.

I like to do a mixture of the two. A hybrid software/hardware based studio. The soft ware I use is Fl Studio. I use it to create drum patterns, to sample, to record, mix and to arrange. FL Studio is the hub of my creations.

fl studio
Screen shot of an instrumental I’m working on

I don’t use virtual instruments for the most part. Most of my instruments are synthesized from my Fantom x6 or my Electribe2. The Fantom is a keyboard/audio workstation. I use it almost exclusively as a keyboard. I hit record in Fl studio and start playing what ever intrument or sound I want on the Fantom.

roland fantomx6
Roland fantomx6

Although it’s a lot smaller and sometimes when certain voices are played at very low or very high notes they sound nothing like the instrument they are supposed to portray. I don’t see this as a negative at all. I end up messing around with some really strange sounds.


Korg Electribe 2
Korg Electribe 2

my instruments don’t connect directly to my PC, they need to go though another device that take there analog signals and converts them to digital audio files so I can use them in the digital space. This last device is kind og like the Harbor, my PC is the city, and the instruments are the ships.

M Box 2

Let me know what you use, or if you prefer hardware to software.


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