Top 5 Best Montage Songs

With Stella keeping me indoors today I have been doing nothing but watching TV shows and movies. This inspired this weeks post. There is something Nostalgic and Magical about older films. Something really cheesy about them that brings you back to an age where things like what you saw were “Cool” or “Rad”. What does it for me is the “love-it-or-hate-it” Montage scene. Sometimes the most memorable scene in the movie. What truly makes a montage great is the scenes and the audio that accompanies it.

I’m only counting movies I have seen. If you have a favorite montage be sure to let me know. So let’s start!

5) The Karate Kid , You’re the best – Joe Esposito

This song plays during the tournament that Daniel-san is in. I don’t have to tell you who ends up in the finals of the tournament. Try to hear this song and not think about the movie .. Impossible. Pure 80’s cheese. No Idea what Joe Esposito is up to these days but thank you for creating this song; A true gift to Humanity.

4) Team America: World Police ,  Montage
This scene is excellent and the music and lyrics that go with it truly exemplify the satirical nature of the film. It literately explains what a montage is as it is showing you won and showing our hero develop the neccesary skills needed to take down the crazied North Korean President.

3)Scarface, Push it to the limit – Paul Engemann
This is a movie I truly love to hate. I love quoting it, taking it a part, the 80’s cheese in this is so cheesy and goey. This scene takes us from Tony brokering deals, opening up front companys, getting married, money laundering, owning a pet tiger, Manny flirting with his sister and all this in about 3 minutes.  The song by Paul Engemann (a fine candidate for greatest one hit wonder of all time) just adds more layers to the 80s cheese lasagna, the synths, drum rolls, and singing (Heart eyes emojis)

2)Rocky IV Hearts on Fire-John Cafferty

There aren’t enough adjectives to describe this scene. Drago in a laboratory/gym Rocky …in the mountains. Drago hooked up to machines giving him and the Scientist/trainers a look at his vitals and performance. Rocky … chopping wood…carrying wood…  climbing mountains. The song that plays throughout , Hearts on Fire has tremendous synths and drums, good high and low periods that fill out rather nicely in the scene.

1)Rocky Gonna Fly Now

When you think of movie montages this is the scene and this is the song. There is nothing that can beat it. Those horns blaring and Sly in the grey running suit black gloves and black hat.


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