My Top 5 Prince Songs*

Earlier this week I was over come by joy and pure musical ecstasy. Spotify has regained the rights to stream Prince’s music! As a Prince fan I immediately began to turn up the volume and sing along (badly I might add).  Prince is an artist who’s music covers a little over 3 decades. Tons of material, so much so that he would produce under various pseudonyms.

I decided to take it upon myself re-listen to hours and hours of music and come up with my top 5 favorite songs. Knowing how popular and well known his works are. I decided to make it a little more challenging.

*I will not include any of his top 15 tracks. So any of the top 15 songs from will not be included.

So let’s dive right In!

#5 Money Don’t Matter 2 Night

This song comes from 1992’s Diamonds and Perals. It has a very relaxing calming sound. Prince doesn’t really flex his vocals on the track which make the lyrics in my opinion stand out. The guitar is perfect not over or under used, always seems to be strummed when needed.

#4 She’s Always In My Hair

This song was originally released on the B-side of 1985’s single Raspberry Beret. I have to start by saying the guitar solo in this song is one of my favorite of all time. Song contains a mixture of strings and what I believe is heavily revered hat sounds with a lot of Flanging going on.

#3 If I was your Girlfriend

Coming from 1987’s Sign ‘O’ The Times is a song I stumbled upon while listening to Mobb Deep’s Young Luv . I enjoyed the beat researched and found it to be a Prince sample. Been in love ever since. I truly believe this song is perfect. From the simple drums that the Bass line complemented so beautifully, to the high pitched vocals complimented by strings/horns?( not exactly sure).

#2 I would Die 4 U

Straight out of 1984’s Purple Rain . This is a very energetic song about Prince trying to convince someone that no matter what he would do anything for them including offering his own life. How you take that subject matter and make it into a jam like this I don’t know. Bouncy filtered synthsizer mixed in with piano keys AND even a Piano roll that doesn’t sound cheesy or out of place!

#1 Adore

We are heading back to Sign ‘O’ The Times for this one. This song might contain my favorite lyric of all time “You could burn up my clothes, Smash up my ride, well maybe not the ride“. A love song where Prince confesses how he was in love from the moment he saw the young woman in question, and how he’ll stay until the end of time. He says he’ll do and allow a multitude of things including the burning of his clothes and the smashing of his automobile; which he immediately takes back. It’s playful and adds a sense of humor that one one have with the one they love. On top of all of that the organ,horns, and keys all complement each other and really bring out the vocals. I truly adore this song. (pun intended)

Agree or disagree? I’d like to hear what you think!


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