Greatest Sports Theme Song

It’s mid April! This means Playoffs for NBA and NHL,MLB is back and the final Stages of the Uefa Champions league! With that said I now present you with the greatest theme song in all of sports. Better then Monday Night Football’s theme (Which is great by the way), better than redzone. It may not […]

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My Tools

Sometimes I get asked about what I use to make my beats. I know there are some musicians who are 100 % software based. Fully equipped with virtual instruments, digital audio work stations and every thing they do is on the computer. There are other who are the opposite and are Hardware Based. Everything they […]

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Top 5 Best Montage Songs

With Stella keeping me indoors today I have been doing nothing but watching TV shows and movies. This inspired this weeks post. There is something Nostalgic and Magical about older films. Something really cheesy about them that brings you back to an age where things like what you saw were “Cool” or “Rad”. What does […]

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The Legend of Zelda

Short post this week. Got my hands on a switch and the Legend of Zelda breath of the wild. This game brought me back to my child hood, when video games were magical and  I never thought I  would feel this way again as an adult. I’ve never been so happy to wrong. Not going […]

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Moonlight Top 5 List

I don’t know if anyone has heard but Moonlight won the Oscar for best picture. In a very Steve Harvey-esque mix up it was mistakenly given to La La land. I’m not a huge movie buff and to be honest I haven’t seen either movie. I was inspired by the best picture confusion to make […]

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